Post 88 – Busy Bee Monday


Have you heard of that well-known phrase: ‘Busy Bee’? Well funnily enough I am feeling like one today.

By January, I am hoping to re-launch my marketing, events and PR business, which I ran for 2 years between 2011 and 2013. I quit my freelancing to pursue permanent work, but have never really felt as fulfilled and alive as I do when I freelance. I love working on a wide range of projects, creating a mini-office to my liking as well as liaising with a broad range of organisations.

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Post 84 – Evaluate your Life day

spring 2

So apparently today is ‘Evaluate your Life day’, to be honest I had never heard of it before, but thought it would be good to have a look at what I feel needs a bit more attention, so that I can make big steps to change my life for the better:

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Post 82 – Be confident with Dyslexia


A lack of confidence in your intelligence can make a person with dyslexia feel as if the world is crumbling down on them. There have been so many occasions where I felt so socially stupid because of my struggles to express myself verbally. I have had those days where I just wanted to hide underneath a rock or sob into a tub of Ben and Jerrys because no matter how hard you try to fit in, you don’t.

It has taken me a while to build up my confidence and there are still times when I have major dips and have to step back in order to reflect and rebuild. It is so hard to build that confidence when dyslexia is holding you back, but you need to believe you can beat it in order to motivate yourself to thrive.

Take a look at my tips below…

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Post 81 – See Dyslexia as a gift


When I first found out that I was dyslexic I was incredibly angry that it hadn’t been picked up earlier. Fast forward 6 years and I am now improving my daily coping strategies in order to keep myself organised. It can be incredibly time-consuming, but long-term it will benefit me in so many ways.

Dyslexia is something which I personally believe needs to be promoted internationally, if I have a pound for every person who has asked me if I can read or how do I know I have it when it can’t be seen, I would be living a comfortable life by now.

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Post 80 – How to Make Your Website Dyslexic Friendly


Did you know that from now until 10th October is Dyslexia Awareness Week? I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia when I was 23 years old and finding this out in my adult life wasn’t a pleasant experience. I felt disheartened and angry at first, I believe an earlier diagnosis would have enabled me to implement and harness my coping strategies in a more effective manner. Unfortunately we can’t dwell on the past and have to look towards a future, so here I am looking towards the future!

Since January 2015, I have been on the Dyslexia Entrepreneurial Business Scheme which is being run by the British Dyslexia Association and Good Story. Working with my awesome Mentor, I am in the process of creating a Marketing and Events business which will enable me to work as a sole trader and I cannot wait to get my business up and running.

I am in the process of building a website, however I want to make it dyslexic-friendly as possible and have been researching this for a couple of months. So let me share with you how to make a website dyslexic friendly:

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Post 74 – Tuesday Highlights


I was going to post yesterday, but then I got sidetracked with all the events that were happening that I forgot to write up the blog article to share with you all.

Yesterday marked a big turning point in ‘Ellen World’, as I finally passed my driving test! HURRAY! I have really severe dyslexia and my Driving Instructor has been very patient and understanding of me whilst I learnt to drive; it may have taken 2 and a half years, but I am thrilled that I finally got there!

Here is a picture of me after the test… sorry about my awful appearance – I had to get up at 4.30am to have a two hour driving lesson before my test at 8.40am.

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Post 67 – A mini-tour of my workspace


One thing that people tend to say to me is: “how do you fit it all in?” – From work, having a social life, running a community music festival, developing a freelance marketing and PR business plus all of the boring grown-up house stuff you have to do. My secret to it is by being organised and not feeling guilty if I decide to have a break. This time last year I became incredibly exhausted, due to the amount of responsibilities / pressures I had – it made me ill and I was signed off work for nearly 6 weeks; since then, I have made big changes to my lifestyle in order to do things that make me happy and keep me motivated.

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