Post 90 – Pay day wish list


Pay day seems so far away and I can’t wait until it is here. Last month our washing machine broke down, we had to pay our car insurance and of course our quarterly bills needed to be paid, meaning I was left with so little money for myself (sob, sob). This month I have been incredibly frugal and have only been buying items that I really need (e.g. food). I have also been working hard to increase my earnings temporarily by eBaying and selling bits and bobs through a local Facebook selling page. I don’t seem to have made much from these pages so far, but as the Tesco advert says: ‘every little helps’.

I have so much that I would like to buy this month, but I think the looming prospect of Christmas will dash any chances of ‘Ellen treat time’. If I could have my way (which sadly I won’t) my pay day earnings will go towards this:

I want a Chinchilla!

I am incredibly fascinated with Chinchillas and so badly want one. I love the way they move, their inquisitive personalities and of course how cute they look. I know they are incredibly hard work and with a 20 year life span they are a long-term commitment, but this doesn’t faze me at all. I would really love to have one as part of mine and Jimmy’s family.


autumn 2

In September we had a large Willow tree removed from our back garden. It was incredibly big and we have heard many stories about how dangerous it is the have one near the home. I would love to buy a new tree this month so that we can have a broader range of plants in the back garden.

Telly time!


We don’t have a television at the moment and I am feeling like we’re living in the dark ages. I would love nothing more than to snuggle up at Christmas to watch a selection of Christmassy films by our lovely fire. Unfortunately getting a TV before Christmas is unlikely to happen, meaning we’ll continue living in a cave until 2016. 😛

Those boots were made for walking in

I think this year is going to be the first time in over ten years that I haven’t bought myself a new pair of boots and this makes me incredibly sad. I adore walking around town in new boots pretending to be a grown-up, but due to lack of funds I am probably going to have to skip this one until 2016 and just make use of one of my other ten billion pairs of boots… life is hard… ha! 😛

what are you looking forward to buying when its pay days? share your stories below or tweet me at @missellenjane – i would love to hear from you.

Ellen x

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