Post 89 – Monthly Resolutions: November


Wowee! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 7 days and what a week it has been. I have had my fair share of ups and downs this week and hope from now things will only get better. I have enjoyed a bit more time to myself and have taken advantage of sleeping more, which has been lush!

I have been thinking hard at what challenges to set myself this month and have decided to set little tasks which are achievable and realistic.

Finish painting the conservatory

Mine and Jimmy’s conservatory is nearly complete but it just needs a few finishing touches (e.g. another lick of paint). My aim is to complete it this month so that we have a lovely space to enjoy hosting parties in over the Christmas period.

Complete the second bedroom

The second bedroom is in a better state than it was two months ago, but I want to get it cleared out completely this month, especially as one of Jimmy’s friends is coming to stay with us in late November for a couple of days.

Being Happy

This is something I have struggled with, although I am happy with most parts of my life there are still some areas which I am unhappy with and is something which I need to change in order to be happier. This month, I am going to be nicer to myself – enjoy more pamper nights, eat well, enjoy little adventures etc.

Sell, tuck or send stuff to the charity shop

Jimmy and I are to some extent hoarders. Jimmy likes piling up books, I seem to end up with a large collection of receipts and both of us are terrible for collecting leaflets. This month is all about getting some order to the house. I’m going to be working hard to sell unwanted items, tuck other in the bin or if they are up to a good standard then send them off to the charity shop.

This month is all about getting some organisation into the ellen and jimmy household, what do you want to achieve by the end of the month? tweet your comments to @missellenjane or let me know below.

Ellen x

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