Post 87 – My Sunday Photo

If you are a long-term reader of Ellen Writes Stuff, then you might remember a series of posts about my new obsession… gardening! When Jimmy and I moved into our property in July, the first thing I did was plant a wide range of vegetables, which I couldn’t wait to pull up.

Well it is now October, which means it is now time to pull them up (drum roll)… we have a large number of baby potatoes, chives and celery ready to be eaten! Hurray!

chive, celery and baby potates

This week I am sending Jimmy to work with celery sticks and cheese and chive sandwiches, which I am sure he is ‘really looking forward too’… ha!

what has been the highlight of your week? TWEET ME AT @MISSELLENJANE OR COMMENT BELOW.

Ellen x

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