Post 84 – Enjoying some downtime

Benningbrough Hall

The world is an incredibly busy place and with many of us now working longer hours it can be quite difficult to create a good work / life balance.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been enjoying some downtime and making the most of pottering around my garden, catching up in chores and watching endless amounts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes… it’s been incredibly therapeutic! This week I have been enjoying non-work commitments and have spent the majority of the time prettying up the house and doing things that I don’t usually have time to do. Let me share with you what I have been doing with my extra time:

Enjoying a Lush bubble bath

The Lush shop is one of my favourite places to visit, I especially love walking past it only to be presented with a beautiful smell, which makes you want to go in. This week I have been making the most of my Lush bath bombs and layering my skin with their beautiful products… I think I will smell of a walking advertisement for the next week or so!

Digging up the dreaded clay soil
Clay Soil

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that part of the soil in the back garden was clay soil. Clay soil is incredibly difficult to work with, as in the summer it is like concrete, whilst in the winter it is a wet mess, meaning it will be incredibly difficult to grow anything there. This week I have been digging / mixing in a large amount of sharp sand and compost into the soil to break up the elements. I still haven’t finished it yet, but take a look at the snap above to see see my progress so far.

Hamster watching… in a non-stalking way


So hamsters are suppose to be nocturnal, but not our Pickle! I think I have seen her pot around more in the daytime than I have in the evening. It’s been quite fascinating seeing her run around doing her normal hamster thing. She seems to drink a lot more during the day instead of the night! It’s lovely seeing her playing around at a different time of the day.

Wandering around at my own pace

Rushing from one place to the other, keeping an eye on the time, nope not this week, I have been slowly walking around town browsing at my own leisurely pace and possibly annoying busy people by walking slowly in front of them. I have also enjoyed plenty of hot chocolates whilst reading books in some of York’s lovely cafes.


sleeping cat

I have been catching up with my much needed sleep, which has been awesome. It’s been lovely waking up naturally and thinking: “ahhhh, I can stay in my PJs as long as I want”… although I am sure in a couple of days time that I will be climbing the walls from being bored. It’s just nice to do some out of your routine type things even if it is just for a short period of time.

HAVE YOU enjoyed some downtime recently, if so what did you get up to? tweet your comments to @missellenjane or comment below. i would love to hear from you!

Ellen x

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