Post 81 – See Dyslexia as a gift


When I first found out that I was dyslexic I was incredibly angry that it hadn’t been picked up earlier. Fast forward 6 years and I am now improving my daily coping strategies in order to keep myself organised. It can be incredibly time-consuming, but long-term it will benefit me in so many ways.

Dyslexia is something which I personally believe needs to be promoted internationally, if I have a pound for every person who has asked me if I can read or how do I know I have it when it can’t be seen, I would be living a comfortable life by now.

Dyslexia was initially a thorn in my side, but unfortunately ignoring the thorn didn’t help me overcome my difficulties in expressing ideas, sequencing and short-term memory; so I had to either go through life ignoring it or work on it.

I decided to work on it and looking back I feel I am slowly, but surely getting to a place where I want to be. Although dyslexia does cause difficulties there are also some perks to it such as having strong visual, creative and problem solving skills, and are prominent among entrepreneurs, architects and in the arts and entertainment world.

To me Dyslexia is my friend and a gift… although sometimes I see it as an enemy especially when I am in a bad mood!

Here are just a few well-known celebrated individuals who despite having dyslexia have made a success of themselves:

Jennifer Annitson

Orlando Bloom

Richard Branson


To find out more about Dyslexia visit: or

do you have or know anyone who has dyslexia? maybe you’ve only just been diagnosed or have implemented some coping strategies. whatever your visit, i would love to hear from you. tweet ME AT @MISSELLENJANE OR COMMENT BELOW.

Ellen x

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Please note the pictures of the celebrated people above are not my own.


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