Post 75 – 5 tips of how to pull yourself together


We all have those days where we feel a bit down or feel so drained that you don’t feel like doing anything. I’m quite fluey at the moment and all I want to do is crawl under the duvet and watch the shopping the channel all day. Unfortunately, I don’t have a television, so that is out of the equation, so I thought I would share with you 5 tips of how to pull yourself together.

Have a pamper hour or two

spa treatment

Whether that means a mud mask, a manicure or even a little spa treat, just taking a little time out to look after yourself does wonders for mind, body and soul. Take an hour in the evening to treat yourself and just kick back and relax with a big mug of tea and watch the world go by

Have a natter


Whether it’s a face to face or a telephone conversation having a good old chinwag can do wonders, especially when you’re not feeling at your best. Have a chat with friends, cuddle up to your other half and talk nonsense or enjoy some downtime with your pet (in my case it’s the pet hamster). If you don’t feel better in a couple of days then you might to think about going to see your Doctor.

Eat a naughty treat


Chocolate brownie, ice cream sundae, banana split, yep that’s right I have a right sweet tooth. If you are feeling down then don’t worry about getting the tub of ice cream out or having an extra slice of cake – one naughty treat won’t make you gain 2 stone over night and sometimes it is all you need.

Get dressed up


When you aren’t feeling at your best you’ll tend to a slob day, whilst there is nothing wrong with having a lazy day it’s not going to help you get on that happy train. Get dressed up, put on your make-up and dance around your room, event just one of these will help lift your mood.



Whether you want to do a 10 mile run or a short jog around the block, a little bit of exercise can do wonders for your mood. Walk to a local cafe and sit and read for an hour or have a crazy shape mad dance in your living room, whatever floats your boat don’t be scared to get out there and enjoy yourself.

WHAT helps you out of the dumps when you’re down? tweet me at @missellenjane or comment below.

Ellen x

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