Post 73 – Monthly Resolutions: August

Photograph from Flickr

Photograph from Flickr

Yeah… I was supposed to write this post in late August, but I didn’t. I instead potted around in my garden, got stressed and ate a pack a biscuits… much to Jimmy’s annoyance.

I have kind of sorted out the second bedroom so you can walk into it now without falling over but it is still rammed with stuff and now I have the week off work I must at least get everything finally unpacked. On a positive note the music festival is up and rolling and (touch wood) is going to be an awesome success and I did sell / give stuff away so I am half way there with my resolutions, but it still isn’t good enough.

This month I have decided to set myself two resolutions due the lack of time I am going to have until the music festival is over.

So let me share with you my September resolutions:

Complete the second bedroom

Now that the second bedroom is now in some sort of order I now want to get everything unpacked into a proper place, so that the room can start to be used as a room instead of a place where we put all of our unpacked boxes. I will get the room sorted this week even if it means staying up until 3am in the morning. I am really looking forward to using the second bedroom as a reading and workroom  whilst Jimmy hogs the downstairs telly to play on the mega drive.

Work on my business

So you may have seen in a couple of my posts that I am in the process of re-establishing myself as a freelancer in marketing, pr and events. I have been part of the Dyslexia Mentoring Scheme since January and am keen to push myself more by putting my plans and ideas into action. This month is all about building the brand and putting the feelers out there for potential clients. I am really looking forward to what the freelancing world has in store for me.


Ellen x

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