Post 71 – Getting better with money


Since moving into mine and Jimmy’s first home together, it has made me more aware of how more seriously I need to take money. I have always thought I was sensible with money and have been lucky to have a little bit left over at the end of the month to treat myself or to be boring and put it in my ISA account. By saving I hope one day that I can fulfil a big dream of mine: to own my own business

I thought it would be an awesome idea to share with you some money-saving tips.

Overpaying on the mortgage

Money hasn’t been easy these past couple of years due to temporary employment and being made redundant a handful of times. I am fortunate enough to now to be in a full time permanent job, where money worries are no longer at the top of my stress list. Since moving into our first home in July, Jimmy and I have put that bit extra each month to get the mortgage paid of quicker. I’m sure not everyone can do this, but we believe it is a big money saver especially when you work out how much you could save in interest rates. We got a good interest rate deal, but we have no idea what those rates are going to be like in a couple of years, so the more we put towards the mortgage the faster we can be mortgage-free!

Saving up for a rainy day

Last month I sat down and rigorously went through my bank statement to work out where I could make savings and was shocked that I was wasting nearly £70 on stuff that I didn’t need. By squashing the wastage I have been able to put that money into my ISA, unfortunately my ISA isn’t paying the best interest rate at the moment, but I suppose some interest is better than no interest.

Don’t buy things you don’t need

Starbucks hot chocolates every morning, a new nail varnish every week and maybe two trashy magazines a month, it all adds up doesn’t it? I have put a stop to the majority of my wastage spending by making my own hot chocolate, decorating my nails with the stash of varnishes I already have and reading the latest celebrity gossip on the internet. It’s all helped reduced my spending. If there is something I want I try my best to wait – attempt to find a voucher or failing that if I dream about it it’s a sure sign I need it.

Living simply

Jimmy converted me into not being too extravagant and how memorable free experiences can be. For example, enjoying afternoon walks, making the most of watching a live band at the local band stand or even pottering around the back garden can be a treat in itself. It doesn’t cost much or nothing at all, meaning you can enjoy a pleasant day without breaking the bank.

Have you changed your attitude to money recently? If so, share you tips below.


Ellen x

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