Post 70 – My excuses

Hi everyone, sorry for my lack of posts over the last week, I have been tired and haven’t really felt in the mood to write (I’ve felt like the cat in the above picture). It’s been one of the weeks where everything has gone crazy busy, not just in my work life, but also in my spare time. The only time at the moment that I seem to have a break is when I am about to go to bed and still then I am compiling a list in my mind of what I have to do for the day ahead.

Here’s my list of excuses:

Theatre audition


So last night I bit the bullet and attended a theatre audition. I was incredibly nervous, especially as I had to perform a monologue, something which I haven’t done in over six years. When I was part of the Timon of Athens cast I luckily didn’t have to audition, so the process was a lot easier. I have never been great in group auditions and it was great to be auditioned on my own and afterwards I felt great. Don’t get me wrong I made some mistakes in my monologue, but I feel proud that I put myself out there and whatever the result I know that I won’t have any regrets.



Over the last two weeks Pickle (my hamster) hasn’t been very well and I convinced myself that her latest visit to the vet would be the last. Thankfully she only had a kidney and urine infection, which could be cured with a set of antibiotics. Two weeks later she is back to her normal self getting up to lots of mischief.


music festival

One of the things which has taken up a lot of my time has been the music festival, I love doing it, but wouldn’t it just be lovely to have the power to blink and for everything to be done?!

Back bedroom

I have been spending a lot of time also sorting out the back bedroom, which was part of my August monthly resolutions (note to self: I must do my September monthly resolution list) The back bedroom is still heavily cluttered, but it is slowly but surely starting to take form.

what have you been up to so far this week? i would love to hear from you.

Ellen x

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