Post 69 – Theatre Auditions


After a couple of months break from acting… well standing in the background and nodding, I have decided to take the plunge again, but this time to try and do something contemporary. I use to do a lot of acting and then work got in the way and sadly I stopped doing it.

Today I enquired about auditioning for a play and I now I have to send in an acting cv, headshot and prepare a monologue… I don’t think I have ever had an acting cv and I most certainty don’t have a headshot… a picture from Facebook it is!

Anyhow I started looking at monologues to prepare from Shakespeare to Delaney through to Bond to Marlowe, however it wasn’t until I started looking through my books that I thought of Sarah Kane. Now at university I was obsessed with her work, not because it is gory but because I love the way she used words to create a poetic meaning; I was surprised I didn’t think of her work before anything else.

sarah kane

So my aim is to try and learn a 2 minute monologue from 4:48 Psychosis… it may take me 2 weeks to remember it, but it will be worth it if I can start building up my confidence in acting again and of course get properly back onto the stage in my spare time.

DO YOU HAVE an upcoming audition? what are you planning to use for your monologue or do you have any tips on how i should prepare? share your thoughts below.

Ellen x

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