Post 67 – A mini-tour of my workspace


One thing that people tend to say to me is: “how do you fit it all in?” – From work, having a social life, running a community music festival, developing a freelance marketing and PR business plus all of the boring grown-up house stuff you have to do. My secret to it is by being organised and not feeling guilty if I decide to have a break. This time last year I became incredibly exhausted, due to the amount of responsibilities / pressures I had – it made me ill and I was signed off work for nearly 6 weeks; since then, I have made big changes to my lifestyle in order to do things that make me happy and keep me motivated.

One thing I have been working at is creating a workspace at home where I feel comfortable and can work without distractions. Before moving into my new home, my workspace was sitting on the bed with the laptop on my knee, but now I have found the perfect workspace – my conservatory.

I don’t have much in my conservatory, but I find just having a table, chair, radio, stack of cds and views out into the garden, provides me with the perfect environment in which to work in. We have windows in the roof and I absolutely love it when I can hear the sound of heavy rain. The sound of rain seems to have a calming effect on me… I suppose that is because I am a fire sign.

So today, I’ll be giving you a mini-tour around my little workspace, where all my creative thoughts happen – enjoy!

This is where I do all of my work – on the table. It looks quite tidy at the moment but believe me it can turn into an organised mess at times. I tend to put my paperwork to the left of my computer and all of my research material to the right. When I have finished, I file everything away to ensure that the room stay clutter free.


When I work I need to have music on in the background, my favourite music comes from the likes of Nirvana, Genesis, Yes and David Bowie, but they can be very distracting when one is trying to work. When I’m in work mode I tend to listen to more calming tunes by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Norah Jones. I am listening to Norah Jones as I write this post, I cannot get enough of her music.

Norah Jones

When I need a break I tend to grab a drink and look out into my back garden. It’s not the biggest of gardens, but I am incredibly proud of what Jimmy and I have achieved in the short time which we have been in this house. When it rains I tend to bring my potatoes in as I get worried that they will rot. I am determined to have the potatoes as part of a meal, knowing that I grew them. I have become incredibly green-fingered since moving home and I think it has had a good influence over me… but only a little bit.

potatoe plant

I also find the acoustics in the conservatory helpful, especially as I have severe dyslexia. The acoustics help me in terms of reading work out loud and working out where the errors are. If I find the acoustics not helpful then I tend to whip out a pen and paper and play around with the words until they fit correctly.


I also think that the neutral decoration of the room is also beneficial. I find the light colours soothing and there is nothing too distracting in the room to prevent me from working… unless Pickle the hamster is running about in her ball!

So that is the end of the mini-tour of my workspace, what do you think of it?  It’s very basic, but I think the simplicity of it helps me keep on top of my workload.

If you are struggling with your workload, then you may be interested in joining a co-working community. I would have no hesitation in recommending WeWork which offers you plenty of inspiration throughout the day.


Ellen x

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