Post 66 – My Week in Pictures


HI everyone, sorry for my lack of posts over the last couple of days, its been one of those weeks where everything has been hectic. I have seen a few posts going around called ‘My Week in Pictures’ and thought this might be a good opportunity to give it a go on my blog.

Oak Furniture Land table

On Wednesday, my Oak Furniture Land table and chairs finally arrived and I was so happy about it, especially as I single-handily  put together the table and chairs… who says you need a man for DIY work?! Anyhow the table has really helped update the room its so nice to enjoy your meals at a table that doesn’t wobble.

Pickle antibotics

Thursday was a day full of relief, as Pickle (my hamster) hadn’t been well for a couple of days and I was convinced that the vet was going to put her down. Thankfully Pickle has a urine and kidney infection, so the vet was able to give me some antibiotics to give to my little friend over the next week. I’m hoping that Pickle will be back to her normal crazy self in the next couple of days.

Ellen and Vale

After my doctors appointment on Friday, I went for a radio interview at Vale Radio to discuss York’s Little Festival of Live Music – a seven-day event which I have been organising since 2013. I love meeting up with the guys at Vale as they are incredibly friendly and are passionate about promoting projects in their local community.

what have you been up to this week?

Ellen x

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