Post 61 – National Left Handers Day


Well… I have never heard of National Left Handers Day before. Now I know about it, I want to celebrate the challenges that occur writing with the ‘wrong hand’.

I am the only left hander in my generation of the family and love the fact that I am different from my siblings and cousins. Two Pas (my grandfather) and Roy (my father, unfortunately) are also left handed, so at least I know where I got the habit from.

I would have thought by now that there would be a lot more products which were designed for left handed people – sadly this is not the case… us left handers must struggle on.

Here are my top five things that only left handers will understand:

Ink gets everywhere

Don’t you just hate how badly some pens are designed? At school I would finish the end of the day with my hands covered in ink, as my left hand would pull the ink across the page whilst I was writing. The only pro of being covered in ink is that you could tell your parents how hard you worked at school!

Exam tables aren’t designed for you

Again at school I struggled to write during an exam and would have to sit in an uncomfortable yoga position in order to write neatly… are there such a thing at left handed exam desks?

Hand shaking

Not that you are already nervous enough, but you also have to keep thinking over and over again about shaking the prospective employer by the right hand.

You must be Arty!?

They say left handers are incredibly creative and must be so good at art… it would be lovely if this was the case, but sadly I am not the most artistic person.

The miracle of the left hander

Have you had it when someone in the room stands up and says out very loudly… ‘LOOK! She’s left handed’ and then everyone turns around and looks…. is it that rare to see a left handed person?

What FRUSTRATIONS have you noted as a fellow left hander?

Ellen x

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