Post 59 – pros and cons of blogging


Nowadays it seems like everyone has a blog whether it is for personal use or work, blogging is a great source of information offering solutions on a wide range of topics.

I have only been blogging for a short time; however I have seen so many wonderful things about the blogging world and some not so very nice stuff. My main reason for starting a blog was because I was told I could not write, as a person with severe dyslexia this really knocked my confidence, so I decided to start a blog to improve my writing, increase my confidence as well as offer me a creative outlet.


It’s easy

Creating a blog isn’t as difficult as it may seem, there are many templates out there to get you started and begin creating the perfect blog to suit your taste and personality – plus you can change the colour of your template!

Return footfall

One thing that I love about blogging is the return footfall; it makes me think that maybe the people that read my blog actually like what I write about (touch wood). I think it is important to write regular content that interests you and the more you update your blog the more likely people will keep coming back to visit.

You have a mini-life library

What I love the most about blogging is looking back at what you have created and seeing what has inspired you. It’s also great as blogs don’t clutter up your home or leave post-its on the fridge. You can also find past posts quickly, so there is no need to rummage through a drawer.

Meeting like-mined bloggers

I have been to a few blogging events and love meeting other bloggers and finding out what they love about blogging. Blogging can offer a really great sense of community and offer you the opportunity to see new work which you may not have naturally come across.


Virtual negativity

When I first started blogging I joined a whole load of forums and worked hard to get to know other bloggers. After six weeks I reduced which forums I was a part of including some of the most popular ones. This was because I either found them insincere or found the bloggers to be quite abrupt and negative. I have become quite selective of the groups I join and regardless of how big or small the group is I will only join forums where I feel that the bloggers are there for more positive and proactive reasons.

A blog isn’t just for Christmas

Although anyone can start a blog the more difficult thing to do is to continue posting regular content. I myself have had times where I just want to curl up on the sofa with a pack of biscuits and a cup of hot chocolate, but I try my best to keep myself motivated as I find writing blog posts incredibly rewarding. If you are struggling with creating content, then create a schedule of activity and stick to that so that when you are in full creative flow you can write many blog posts at once to publish at a later date.

Being too honest

I love nothing more than being completely open in my blog posts, but everyone has to be careful what you write about as you don’t know who is watching. For example, a prospective employer who might be put off.

Technical issues

If someone asked me to fix something on my computer I would probably turn it on and off until it worked, shout at it or possibly hit it with a stick. Technical issues do pop up so make sure you have time for it and regularly examine your content to make sure they don’t disappear or that you have dead links.


Ellen x

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