Post 54 – Monthly Resolutions: August

Monthly Resolutions August

Unfortunately I didn’t complete most of the goals that I set out to achieve last month, as I didn’t realise how much time moving house, decorating and gardening would take up.

Thankfully I was able to move into my home and decorate the conservatory, but cutting down on chocolate, creating an ironing routine, writing five blog posts a week and spending time on my business went down the drain. I am back, ready and eager to get on top of my monthly resolutions.

Sort out the second bedroom


The second bedroom has become mine and Jimmy’s dumping ground and I know it is still going to be a dumping ground by the end of August, however I am wanting to make it more of an organised dumping ground… if anything of that kind exists! The aim is to de-clutter the room and make it more of a space which I would like to go into and can more importantly be a space that I can actually walk into without falling over.

Sell stuff


I love the saying ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and this phrase is more important to me this month as I sell stuff within my home which I am not going to use. The aim is to eBay, do a couple of car boots and sell items on a couple of Facebook selling pages with the overall aim being saving enough money to purchase some luxuries for mine and Jimmy’s house, for example, a floor lamp, new dining room table and hopefully a television!

Cut down on chocolate


Yep, I struggled with this one last month and the more stressed I became, the more I craved chocolate. The aim is to FINALLY cut down on chocolate and I am going to try my hardest to cut down to three chocolate bars a week and then slowly reducing it from there – this will of course help my waist line as well as reduce my dependency on the sweet treats.

Write a full length draft of a play


So when I wasn’t unpacking or being sad about not having the internet, I found myself actually writing a play. It has been such a while since I wrote something and I can feel my love for playwriting coming back to me, so I am aiming to write a full length play by the end of August, despite how shocking/terrible it is and then work from there.

Get le music festival up and rolling

music festival

In September we’ll be hosting our third music festival at the York Food and Drink Festival. I for one am very excited and am looking forward to publicity campaigns and getting the ball rolling ready to give everyone a great week of free live musical entertainment.


Ellen x

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