Post 53 – A short guide to Nottingham

When you think of Nottingham I bet the first thing that springs to mind is Robin Hood. Robin Hood may have made the city one of the reasons to visit, but by boasting a vibrant shopping district, a lively nightlife and an abundance of historical sites, there is more to Nottingham than meets the eye.

I was born and bred in Nottingham and although I no longer live there, Nottingham will always have a place in my heart, I love the broad range of attractions situated in Nottingham, including Wollaton Hall and Gardens, the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham Castle to name just a few, but I never really explored my city until I actually left it.

Copyright: ExperienceNotts Media

Copyright: ExperienceNotts Media

One of my favourite sites to visit is the City of Caves, which is randomly located in Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. The caves are a beautiful example of original sandstone caves, and you can discover the history and the crucial importance the caves played in Nottingham’s society via a guided tour. It’s a bit dark and wet in there, so I would recommend wearing outdoor clothing and suitable shoes.

Copyright: ExperienceNotts Media

Copyright: ExperienceNotts Media

Just a short walk away from the city centre you’ll find Trent Bridge, which is known for its cricket ground. Head over the River Trent and you’ll find not one but two football stadiums – Nottingham Forest and Notts County, which is ideal for those who love the game. During the summer months, Trent Bridge hosts one of the biggest cultural festivals in the UK – the Nottingham Riverside Festival, which boasts live music, street theatre, arts and crafts and, of course, firework displays.

pubIf you head back into town then you’ll come across one of the oldest pubs in Nottingham called Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, but beware; the pub is not what it seems and is home to The Cursed Galleon, which is a small model pirate ship coated in thick dust. The legend says that anyone who dares clean The Cursed Galleon will die within a few days.

If death isn’t your thing, but reproduction is, then the pub can offer you an alternative in the form of a mysterious antique chair. It is claimed that if a lady sits on this chair she will increase her chances of becoming pregnant… my friend Francesca has sat on this chair many times and now has three beautiful children! (Although I am not entirely convinced it was down to the chair).

have you ever visited nottingham? share your stories with me below.


Ellen x

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