Post 52 – Gardening


So, since moving into mine and Jimmy’s new home I have become a tad obsessed with the garden. It has got to the point where I refuse to stop gardening, which then results in Jimmy having to encourage me to come indoors.

On Saturday, I went to the garden centre with Jimmy’s Dad’s partner. After 4 hours of shopping I came out with boxes of plants to brighten up the garden. These included perennials, tall daisies, mini bushes and of course lots of herbs!

Over the last couple of days I have chopped down the majority of the overgrown areas of the garden in order to prepare for planting the new plants. The aim was to plant them yesterday, but unfortunately it rained all day and I was not best pleased that I weren’t allowed outside… so instead I bought the plant pots inside and began gardening in my conservatory. Here’s a picture of my herbs:


i felt incredible proud of my herb potting, i think they look quite posh. what do you think? comment below!

Ellen x

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