Post 44 – Monthly Resolutions: July

Monthly Resolutions

I know, I know resolutions should be made at the start of the year, however I never tend to stick with them. Since March I have been setting myself small achievable tasks, which need to be completed by the end of each month. These mini tasks can be anything from knitting a blanket to making my own ear rings from performing at an Open Mic Night to making small changes to my eating habits.

As I have become accustomed to making these small changes to my life, I have decided to begin creating more regular tasks, which I am going to call my ‘Monthly Resolutions’. They say all it takes is a month to change a habit, so this challenge will help make positive changes to my life, whilst wiping out bad conventions.

July is going to be a hectic month for me, especially as I should be moving into mine and Jimmy’s first home together, so during this month I am going to focus on creating routine, building up my freelance marketing business and of course making more time for myself.

  • Redecorate the Conservatory

The conservatory in our new house has bright blue walls and ceilings… it’s VILE! So the aim during July is to redecorate the room on a tight budget. I am thinking of having white ceilings, light grey walls and white voile panels to add a sense of calm, peace and tranquillity to the room. Don’t worry I will be taking before and after shots to share with you all.

  • Create five blog posts a week

I feel my posts haven’t been very consistent, in terms of what days they are published; therefore I’m hoping to get into a routine, so that you as the reader have a better idea of what content you’ll expect from my blog each day.

  • Cut down on chocolate

I love chocolate and most days I will get a packet of chocolate buttons from the shops to nibble on during the first hour of work. This bad habit needs to stop, as it isn’t good for my teeth, purse or when I come down from my sugar rush. My aim is to cut my chocolate intake down gradually and fingers crossed I will be down to 2 chocolates a week by the end of July.

  • Ironing routine

I hate ironing with a passion – the pile builds and builds until I have to spend the next two hours working through it all. I am aiming to get into the habit of ironing every couple of days in order to keep the pile down and have more me time.

  • Work on my freelance business

I am in to process of re-establishing my freelance marketing business. The aim of this month is to get all the dreaded paperwork out of the way in order to set up the foundations for my organisation. Fingers crossed my business will be up and running by September!

what are you hoping to achieve in july? Share your stories below!

Ellen x

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