Post 43 – What I am looking forward to this Summer

confidenceI am extremely excited about Summer this year, not only will it be my third summer with Jimmy, but it also marks a new milestone in our life – moving into our first bought house together.

We intend to make the most of our 2015 summer and enjoy making new memories that we will both cherish for a long time. I am hoping to find lots of little creative projects to keep me busy and make more time for myself and do more things to make me happy. Here are a few of my plans so far:

Moving into my new house

At the top of my list is moving to our house, which we have been waiting to move into since 22nd March. We hoped to be moved in by early June, but with all the problems that occurred, e.g. solicitors taking their time and conveyancers making out the house was a death zone – which we have found out it isn’t – we are so-so close to actually exchanging contracts.

blue wall

I am too excited about decorating the “Conservatory” and second bedroom, which are currently painted bright blue including the ceilings! And I am also very excited about making a mark on the house and making it feel homely for Jimmy and I to live in and enjoy building our lives together.

Enjoying many days out without a coat on

I detest going out with a coat on. I feel restricted and uncomfortable, plus I like to wave my arms about!


I love feeling the sun on my skin and leisurely walking around places without feeling the urge to get somewhere quicker in order to not feel the cold. I am hoping to go on various days out to numerous heritage sites across Yorkshire and beyond!

Going on a picnic with Jimmy


Since getting together with Jimmy, we have always wanted a proper picnic in the park, but British weather has forbade it! Or when it has been warm weather one of us is working. D’oh! We aim to get the picnic basket out this summer, make lots of yummy food and spend the afternoon in the Museum Gardens just making the most of the beautiful weather… if we have any that is! Third summer lucky? Let’s hope so!

Getting green-fingered

spring 2

Over the last month, I have been accidentally walking past Jimmy and mine’s new house and have had to drag myself away. The garden is in an absolute state and I am very much looking forward to getting my hands dirty and turning it into a tranquil haven. The aim is to re-do both gardens, plant plenty of beautiful flowers in the front garden and add a rabbit hutch and a vegetable patch in the back. I am really looking forward to it and look forward to sharing the photos with you.

Mine and Jimmy’s two year anniversary


Wednesday 26th August will mark Jimmy and I’s two year anniversary and I cannot wait to celebrate it with him. I love what we have achieved so far in our relationship and that we rarely have arguments unless it is about eggs, tomatoes or socks. I think we complement each other really well – Jimmy is very organised, tidy and routine whilst I am not as organised, tidy and routine, but what I do have is that I am practical, have the ability to think logically as well as build shoe racks… I may be slow at building stuff, but in the end you’ll get a ruddy good built item!

Ultimately what I am looking forward to is building further foundations to our relationship and seeing how much I develop over the summer months – I for one cannot wait! Here’s to the summer!

what are you looking forward to this summer? SHARE YOUR STORIES BELOW!

Ellen x

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2 thoughts on “Post 43 – What I am looking forward to this Summer

  1. Becster says:

    I hope the weather improves so you don’t have to wear a coat! It’s cold and cloudy here today! :/ Congratulations on buying your first home together! Such a massive thing isn’t it? Have fun sorting the garden! That’s something I want to do this summer. Get some flowers into our garden.

    But the thing I’m looking forward to most is birth of Baby No 2!!

    • Ellenisms says:

      Awww congratulations on the baby news. Do you know what you are having or is it a surprise?

      I can’t wait to get into our new home, although the solicitors are causing me a massive headache… but I can’t wait to do the garden! 🙂

      Ellen x

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