Post 32 – How Buying a Kettle and Toaster is a Big Step

After three months of not knowing what was happening with our house, I am delighted to let you know that Jimmy and I have a move in date! This is a big step for the both of us, as not only does it mean 10 years of saving has finally paid off, but it also means that Jimmy and I are officially becoming grown-ups.

So to start off the grown-up process we decided to make a list of things we would need for our home. Thankfully Jimmy’s Dad and Mum have been incredibly generous and are giving us a sofa and a washing machine. By religiously eBaying and selling stuff on Trees of Mums – my hard work has paid off and I can now use the money I made from these channels to buy a Fridge/Freezer for our kitchen! Hurray!


Today we decided to have a look around the shops to get an idea of what could potentially work in our home. I was eager to kick-start the process by buying a matching kettle and toaster, as the majority of the stuff in our house isn’t going to match for a couple of years. I thought finding a matching kettle and toaster would be an easy job… sadly it wasn’t.

I love Jimmy too bits, but he is very particular about what he wants in the house.

The kettle and toaster rules according to Jimmy:

  • A kettle with the handle at the top is a big fat ‘NO’
  • It can’t be a kettle or toaster where you can see your reflection in it
  • There simply cannot be excessive amounts of buttons on the machine
  • More importantly the toaster most certainly cannot toast more than two slices of bread at once!

What should have been a half an hour job turned into a 4 hour chore. Jimmy felt buying a kettle and a toaster finally gave him the reality check that he needed… that he was moving in with a GIRL! This made me chuckle… and entertained me for a couple of minutes.

But could we find this kettle and toaster?!…no we could not – Asda, Currys, Homesense, Tesco, Homebase, B&Q – you name it, we went to it. As it got closer to the end of the day, we ended up in Sainsburys and it was there on the kitchen aisle that I spotted a kettle and toaster, which could potentially pass Jimmy’s tick list… and thankfully it did! It got the Jimmy seal of approval! Hurrah!

kettle and toaster

So the moral of the story is… don’t take your partner shopping for a kettle and a toaster!

Ellen x

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