Post 29 – What to do during the Bank Holiday Weekend

I get pretty excited when I hear the words ‘Bank Holiday Weekend’, not only does it signify a shorter week at work, but it also means more ‘me time’, which is always a bonus!

So here is a list of reasons why Bank Holiday Weekends are pretty awesome:

  1. It’s all about me!


My top reason for liking Bank Holiday Weekends is having more leisure time. I sometimes think by the time you start forgetting about the daily stresses of life, it’s then time to start thinking about them again. Having that extra day just allows you to have that extra indulgence time and you go back to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  1. Festivals

music festival

Not one Bank Holiday Weekend goes by where there isn’t a festival of some sort whether nearby or on the television. During the last Bank Holiday Weekend of May, Jimmy and I have an annual tradition where we watch Radio One’s Big Weekend, most of the weekend, whilst in the August Bank Holiday we tend to actually go to a festival. Last year we went to Bingley Music Live and this year I am hoping we will be going to Festival No 6 (Portmerrion, North Wales), but this entirely depends on when we move into our new house and of course if we have money… boo!

  1. Catching up on little jobs


The extra day means ticking off a couple more jobs from your to-do list. Cleaning out the hamster, defrosting the freezer, gardening, cleaning the car and so on. At the end of the day you feel like you’ve been incredibly productive and take great pride in scribbling out what jobs you have completed.

  1. Spending quality times with loved ones


Bank Holiday Weekends, ultimately for me are spending time with friends and loved ones, whether that means meeting up for drinks and a natter, bike riding, long walks and picnics.

  1. Watching films which you can predict are always on the television every Bank Holiday Weekend


Sound of Music, Splash, Grease and Dirty Dancing – you can almost guarantee one or more of these films will be on the television. They are all films that I can never tire of and love watching them year-on-year.

What do you love about Bank Holiday Weekends? comment below!

Ellen x

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