Post 26 – Psoriasis

I recently wrote a blog post about my first flair up of psoriasis in 17 years. After moisturising the area 3 times a day for nearly a month the psoriasis has nearly vanished! Hurray – get the wine out!

But (there’s always a but)… sadly my skin decided to throw a wobbly earlier this week, which resulted in me having a mini flair up on my hands . Thankfully the flair up isn’t aggressive, however it is incredibly annoying as your hands aren’t an area which you can easily cover up, especially in the summer months.
psyorisis 1

psyorisis 2Sadly it is still incredibly itchy and I have to try and stop myself from picking at it, its like someone has put me in a room full of bubble wrap and told me not to touch it… oh the temptation!

The past couple of nights I have been using my Epaderm ointment, which my doctor prescribed for me during my last flair up. The ointment is proving really useful and I am starting to see a difference, as it provides a layer of oil to the skin to prevent water from escaping.


My doctor recommended that I used the ointment before bedtime and then cling filming the area to lock in the moisture. The process was relatively easy on my leg, but cling filming your hands isn’t the easiest of jobs, especially when you want to wriggle your fingers.

psyorisis 3

What creams and ointments have you used to calm your psoriasis down? I would love to hear your stories, share them below.

Ellen x

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