Post 25 – Slim for 30

I love my food and have been on a constant diet since the age of 14 – Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, Slim Fast – you name it, I’ve tried it.

During my gap year I lost an awful lot of weight, which I believe was down to the fact that I finally found a gym I loved. When I moved away from home to attend university, I struggled to find a gym which motivated me, so my weight sadly began to creep back on.

For years I have put the idea of dieting to the back of my head, as diets make me feel incredibly sad. I don’t like counting calories, I don’t like green days or red days and I particularly don’t like having to restrict myself from foods I like. Dieting makes me miserable and no matter how hard I try in the end I give in and revert back to my day to day eating habits.

So in March I decided to create a food diary to see what I was eating. From the diary I discovered that I ate a variety of foods e.g. fruit and veg, meat, dairy, wheat etc, however I noticed that I was eating a lot of processed foods, which are often high in fat.

I was shocked to see what my weekly take in was and have slowly began to change my eating habits in order to reduce processed foods in my diet. I have begun preparing batches of food at the start of the week, so that I have a lunch box prepared for work instead of leaving it to the last minute and then buying a sandwich from the shop.

I know little changes like these probably won’t help reduce a huge amount of my weight, but I think that if I can change my eating habits now, then I won’t feel as though I am on a diet. I want to enjoy my food and feel this new found food attitude that I am trying to develop will stand me in better ground for the future.

So my aim is: Slim for 30.

Can I do it? I have 19 months to throw myself at it with all my might!

Have you created a food diary before? If so, what did you find out? I would love to hear your stories. comment below!

Ellen x

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