Post 23 – My Monday playlist

Hi Monday… how I have missed thee… not!

The weekend went incredibly fast (although I only had one day off, as on Saturday I was working in Northumberland). So I thought I would update my playlist, so that I had something to sing-along too as I go to work, during my lunch break and of course on the way back home:

Kate Bush – The man with the child in his eyes

This is one of my favourite Kate Bush songs, I love the simplicity of it and how beautifully sung it is. What’s even more amazing is that she wrote it when she was 13!

Eg and Alice – I wish

You may have never heard of Eg and Alice and if you try to purchase their one and only album – 24 Years of Hunger then you’ll struggle to find it, as it has been deleted! Sad times! I Wish is the last track on the album and is  one of my top favourite songs – the harmonies are stunning and encourages me to sing-along! 24 Years of Hunger was critically acclaimed when it was released and sadly failed to chart.

Matt Corby – Brother

I came across Matt Corby last year and fell in love with his music, especially the song Brother, which shows off his raw and soft vocal range.

Future Islands – Seasons

I found out about this band whilst watching an episode of Jools Holland. I spent the entire four minutes laughing, because of the lead singer, but the band is incredibly talented. I can’t wait to see them live in Newcastle in September!

Ian Drury – Hit me with your rhythm stick 

This is one of my all time favourite songs and every time I hear it I just want to jump up and dance… but I think the people on the bus might think I was a bit special if I did that.


What’s on your monday playlist? share your playlist below.

Ellen x

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