Post 19 – Crabtree and Evelyn Bloggers Event – York

On Thursday 30th April, I attended my first blogging event, which was at Crabtree and Evelyn – a retailer of body and skin products.

I was incredibly nervous prior to the evening and was even more nervous during the event. I have never been very good at introducing myself to people, so I only spoke to a small handful of other bloggers during the event. Hopefully I will get better at introducing myself to other people soon… but at the moment I totally suck at it!


When I first arrived, I was given a complimentary hand exfoliation as well as a moisturising treatment. I decided to opt for a lavender exfoliation and moisturiser, as  the Crabtree and Evelyn lady said that lavender was really good for people with psoriasis. After the demonstration, I could see how much the redness on my hands had disappeared.

In store I noticed they had a lot of lavender products, which I had to tempt myself not to buy, as I am currently skint until payday… I will be back on the 15th once I am a bit richer! Here are a few of the lavender products, which I will be buying:



ce6 ce5 ce4


To view Crabtree & Evelyn’s lavender range visit:


The shop was also beautifully decorated and I enjoyed a few drinks and a couple (cough cough lots cough cough) of delicious biscuits and cakes.


ce7 ce8


At the end of the night I was shocked to be given a complimentary goodie bag. I wasn’t expecting anything, so to get a little bag of treats was a delight. I will be doing a post about the goodie bag delights in the next week or so.


The Crabtree & Evelyn Bloggers event was created to help green fingered individuals help restore, soothe and protect their hands and with a hint of lavender in the products I am looking forward to sharing with you how the products have helped with my psorasis next weekend! Stay tuned!


Do you use Crabtree & Evelyn products? If so, then what are your favourite products? Share your stories below!

Ellen x


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