Post 18 – These are 50 of my favourite things

I love thinking about all of the things that make me happy, but the funny thing is that I have never actually sat down and listed it all.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to my favourite things, enjoy:

1. Jimmy (my partner) singing his own version of a song

2. Feeling confident enough to be myself

3. Laying in a hot bath filled with bubbles

4. Having a cuddle with Pickle (the hamster)

5. Seeing my friends

6. Working on my music festival – York’s Little Festival of Live Music

7. Brushing my hair

8. The smell of petrol

9. Getting into a freshly washed and ironed bedspread

10. Singing along to Fall Out Boy

11. Making ear rings

12. eBaying

13. Wearing dresses

14. Doing cartwheels

15. Watching documentaries

16. Eating Magnums

17. Making funny noises

18. Exploring new places around the UK

19. Mowing the garden

20. Painting

21. Writing … especially writing for my blog! 🙂

22. Talking

23. Standing up

24. Laying down

25. Theatre


26. Cats

27. Walking around in the dark

28 Waking up a minute before your morning alarm goes off

29. Grabbing the last metro on the stand before sitting down to read it on the bus

30. Not having to wait for a buses

31. Skipping

32. Driving around a roundabout

33. Moulin Rouge (the film)

33. Ewan Mcgregor, of course!

34. The Walking Dead

35. Climbing trees

36. Finding free Wi-Fi

37. Pretty scarves

38. Being shoeless

39. Drinking Pimms

40. Sneezing

41. Mini fist pumps

42. Playing on the Sega Mega Drive… old school

43. Dancing… badly might I add

44. Singing

45. Hot chocolate with cream

46. The Moomins

47. Cake

48. Live Music

49. Genealogy

50. Knitting

What are your favourite things? Write it down and comment with your stories below.

Ellen x


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