Post 17 – Living with Psoriasis

When I was a child I use to have terrible break outs of psoriasis, mainly on my knees, elbows and on the back of my neck. I remember spending most evenings smelling of cream and the psoriasis being really itchy and red. It wasn’t until my teenage years  that my psoriasis calmed down and I finally felt free of the condition.

Two weeks ago I had my first flair up in 17 years –  I ignored it at first, thinking it was a bit of dry skin, however it got quite bad and I ended up having to see the doctor, who confirmed it was psoriasis and prescribed me with various creams and ointments.

I forgot how frustrating the condition was – it’s like having chicken pox constantly and the urge to pick and scratch at the psoriasis can take over most of your everyday thoughts.

So my doctor has recommended some lifestyle changes, including:

  • Moisturising several times a day to prevent dryness and itching of the skin
  • Stop smoking… thankfully I don’t smoke so this was ticked off my list straight away
  • Replacing soap, bubble bath and shower gel with moisturising cream or ointment
  • Wearing vinyl gloves for wet work
  • Sore hands and feet should be rested by reductions of physical or chemical triggers
  • Wearing special silk gloves or socks
  • Considering taking up a gluten free diet… which is something that I am going to be looking at over the weekend.

How have you overcome psoriasis? Do you have any tips on calming down the condition? If so, then I would love to hear them!

For more information on psoriasis visit:

Ellen x


3 thoughts on “Post 17 – Living with Psoriasis

  1. HealedGirl25 says:

    These are great tips! I’ve suffered from Psoriasis for a long while now (diagnosed about 2 years ago with eczema all my life). The biggest and best change I’ve made is gluten-free and dairy-free. Helps tremendously!

    • Ellenisms says:

      Awww thanks 🙂 I am also sorry to hear about your psoriasis and hope it has calmed down a lot now you are having gluten free foods. I am going to do a gluten free shop this weekend, so I have my fingers crossed that mine will calm down in the next couple of weeks! 🙂

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