Post 15 – Pickle


If you have been following my blog since the start, then you may have read about something called ‘Pickle’. Pickle is my dwarf hamster, who I absolutely dote on and treat her as if she was a child.

At the age of 7, my mother and father gave in and allowed me and my sister to share a hamster, we named her Gizmo and she was a white Syrian with pink eyes. Since then my love of hamsters has continued to grow and now at the age of 18 (cough cough 28 cough cough) I have had a number of them including Crystal, Muffin, Chip, Moo, Isabelle Tiger and not to mention Pickle!

Pickle who I named after watching Shaun of the Dead, as Penelope Wilton kept calling Shaun by his nickname ‘Pickle’, is quite a kooky little character and although she is now a little old lady hamster her personality and weirdness never seems to surprise me. Here are some of my favourite pictures of my kooky little girl:





Do you have a hamster? If so then share your stories and pictures below!

Ellen x


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