Post 13 – Why I Love My Job

Some of you might gasp, some of you might think ‘how lovely’ or you might be thinking ‘gosh she’s special’, but the matter of the fact is I love my job.

jobI have been working in marketing since 2010, however I have struggled to find that ‘perfect position’, until this year, that is. In mid January, I was lucky to be offered three jobs… something which doesn’t happen very often in these hard economic times. After spending a weekend mulling over them, I decided to take the plunge and went for the position which wasn’t the highest sum of money, wasn’t closest to home, but offered me the opportunity to work in a more fulfilling environment and it has been the best thing I have ever done and here’s why:

Job satisfaction

Although I love money and love buying nice things and of course spoiling Pickle (my hamster), money can’t buy you happiness, especially at work. I have learnt that I am happier when I can utilise my digital marketing skill set, which is tested on a regular basis. The variety in my current position is great and not one day is the same. One day I could be creating a website, the next I could be generating PR content or in those adventurous moments I could be travelling to many of the company’s different sites seeing what they have to offer our customers.


In any place you work you will always have a handful of characters, for example, the one that has been there for years, the reckless one, the clever one, the joker and even the one that sticks to the rule book, but if you all work together without playground tactics, then everyone can work in a productive manner. There seems to be no maliciousness and it is so refreshing to be in an environment where you are encouraged to constructively question actions and even ask questions to better the business. I have started asking more and feel I can ask more without feeling stigmatised.


My confidence has grown so much in the last couple of months and so much has changed, not just in my working life, but also in my personal life, e.g. feeling valued at work, getting back into theatre, being accepted on a house and of course starting this blog, which has raised my self-esteem in writing. As a person with severe dyslexia it takes me longer to write and structure sentences in a correct and grammatical order. For a while I tried to resist writing, but now I have decided to embrace it, as it offers me the opportunity to be creative as well as share my thoughts, views and feelings. If you feel confident in your personal life, then this reflects into your work life and I am seeing the change and I am liking what I see and hope I can continue to improve myself.

sleeping catSwitching off

Work in today’s busy world isn’t easy and it is never easy to switch off, but it is important to do so, as you need to look after your mind, body and soul (a bit of a dramatic sentiment, I know). Over the last year I have been working hard to add some form of routine in my life where I can switch off whether that be an hour every couple of days relaxing with a mud mask and listening to whale music, having a crazy mad shape dance to many of my favourite songs or meeting friends and enjoying a night in or out. It is important to recharge your batteries outside of work (it’s hard and its taken ages for me to bring in this routine, but it’s working) – if you recharge your batteries then you will go back to work with a clear and happy mind.

I have been in my job for three months now, I know it’s not long but I feel I have found a place where I can build foundations and continue to develop my career in marketing and PR, but what I am most thankful to my company for is helping me to develop my self-esteem and making me feel happier within the workplace – after all work is supposed to be fun!

What do you love about your job? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ellen x


2 thoughts on “Post 13 – Why I Love My Job

    • Ellenisms says:

      Hi Yasmin,

      It’s taken me a while to find a job I love, this time around I decided to go with a position which enabled me to work with a friendly team. It has been so refreshing and has opened so many doors already – I wish I thought like this before.

      I love your blog, I’ll be sure to follow and hope you will follow me back.

      Ellen x

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