Post 12 – Discovering the Richard III exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum

Yesterday, Jimmy and I made our way to the Yorkshire Museum, which is situated in the Museum Gardens to take a look around the newly opened Richard III: Man & Myth exhibition. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this exhibition, especially as I know next to nothing about Richard III apart from he apparently murdered his two nephews in order to take the throne. However after having a look around this exhibition, it actually got me thinking whether Richard III was actually a benevolent King, as depicted in many films, television shows and of course in the work of William Shakespeare, who portrayed Richard III as a twisted and deformed hunchback.

I left the exhibition still torn between whether Richard III was a noble king or villain and I suppose we’ll never have a definite answer to this because the work which still exists today could have easily been created under hearsay, to portray a dramatic figure in a play context or simply to scare people into staying in line by not taking the approach which Richard took in his life.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:







Although this wasn’t in the exhibition, this was one of my favourite bits of the museum – can you guess who’s not a statue?


What do you think about the legacy of King Richard III, do you think he was friend or foe? I would love to hear your thoughts. Or perhaps you have been to the exhibition in York, if so let me know what you thought about it.

Ellen x


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