Post 11 – Dealing with Dyslexia

Usually I post out at dinner time, so I apologise for my delay in posting. Today has been one of those days where I have spent the majority of my time doing boring grown-up stuff – paying bills, sending out parcels, banking and cleaning, however this morning I saw my Dyslexia business mentor, who is currently helping me build a business from scratch. I love working with my mentor as she is so full of knowledge and wisdom and really understands how I want to develop my business.

The scheme I am currently a part of has been created to help dyslexic individuals develop their own business. The scheme is run by Good Story in conjunction with the British Dyslexia Association and is the first of its kind in the UK. I am deeply passionate about marketing, which I do in my current day job and events, which I do by night when I run my own music festival, York’s Little Festival of Live Music, therefore my overall aim is to create a marketing and events business in the city of York, which is currently thriving as an exciting city of culture and arts.

It is difficult enough for anyone to set up a business, but it can be even trickier for a dyslexic who may have many obstacles in place, for example, sequencing, short term memory, note taking and verbal communication – something which I struggle with on a day to day basis. However the Dyslexia Mentoring Scheme is really helping me challenge my weaknesses head on and has given me the opportunity to address my dyslexia for example, recording meetings, asking for follow up emails, task timetables and of course by not panicking. Since addressing these day to day issues, I feel I have become more organised and am beginning to see structure and clarity not just in my working life, but also in my personal life by being a bit more organised. Hopefully in a couple of month’s time this new structure will become second nature to me.

I found this great video online about dyslexia. I love it because of its comic / cartoony style, what do you think?

What challenges have you faced with your dyslexia? I would love to hear about it.

Ellen x


2 thoughts on “Post 11 – Dealing with Dyslexia

  1. Orpheus Eye says:

    I am inspired by your dyslexic mentor. I am now interested in finding one for myself; someone who could help me identify my learning-style(s) and provide me some context to help me reflect on, setting myself up for success. Thanks a lot for posting – I found this inspiring.

    • Ellenisms says:

      Thank you for your kind words. If you are based in the UK then I would recommend contacting the British Dyslexia Association and see if they can help you at all. I am still learning how to overcome my learning difficulties, but I am slowly getting there. Ellen 🙂

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