Post eight – Marking my first week as a blogger

laptopSo today marks my first week of being a blogger – hurray! I have really enjoyed writing content and feel very overwhelmed by how many people have already visited my blog. I was convinced I was only going to get a couple of reads a day, however yesterday (Tuesday), I looked at my stats and nearly fell of my chair…. I had received 143 reads in a day! – so thank you so much for showing interest in my work, as I really do enjoy writing it.

Here are my blogging highlights of the week:

  • Meeting a variety of bloggers

This week I have worked hard to meet a number of bloggers in person and of course in the virtual ream. It has been a great getting to know so many like-minded people and discussing their blogging experiences.

  • Confidence boost

star jumpI have severe dyslexia, which knocked my confidence an awful lot when I was diagnosed with it at the age of 22. This week, I have come out of my comfort zone and have attempted to write content on a variety of different topics, from travel to day to day life to even discussing brightly coloured blue walls, which made you want to fall over.

I have received a great read response on my work and hope you will continue to come back and read my blog posts. If you would like my blog articles emailed to you, then please visit my homepage and click on “Follow Ellen Writes Stuff via Email”, which can be found on the toolbar on the right hand side of the page.

  • Blog building

Ok, so I know the functionality of my blog needs a lot more work in order to look more professional of course prettier, but I am happy that I finally pushed blogging to the top of my agenda. My aim over the next couple of months is to enhance my blog’s presentation and style….so do keep popping back and let me know what you think.

  • Self-expression

writingWhen I was at university I was a vivid writer, there wasn’t a day that went by where I wasn’t writing a short story, entering a writing competition or just simply enjoying being creative. After university, I put a lot of work into my career and pushed my love of writing to the back of the queue.

By starting this blog it has given me the opportunity to express myself as well as discuss topics and ask questions. I have found it difficult getting back into writing, especially when you have a lack of time due to work commitments and day to day life; However I have made it one of my top priorities to write something every couple of days – I feel it gives me the opportunity for a bit of ‘me time’, and of course it has reawakened my passion for writing!

WHAT do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Ellen x

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