Post seven – Moving House

So in about six weeks’ time, Jimmy and I will be officially grown-ups by moving into our first bought house together. The house we’re moving into needs a bit of decorating, especially the conservatory, which looks like someone just threw a big bucket of blue paint over it! The blue is so in your face that when you look at it you actually want to fall over.

blue wall

So in true nesting form, I have already begun looking for some inspiration of how to decorate the room. Jimmy thinks I should wait until we’ve moved in, but me being Ellen….that’s never going to happen!

So I am thinking of going for something quite simple yet elegant with white ceilings and wooden furnishings. Here are a few pictures which I found on the internet that I quite like the look off. Which paint / floor design do you like the best?






The conservatory will hopefully be decorated in the first week we have moved in and by the second week I am hoping to get one of these cute little guys from the local RSPCA centre….


I really can’t wait!

Ellen x

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2 thoughts on “Post seven – Moving House

  1. Kate Cope says:

    Sounds exciting, pale colours in complementing tones, be careful with surfaces that may reflect too much light. I’m addicted to chalk paints and paint every bit of brown furniture I can lay my hands on. Splashes of colour can be added and changed easily with fabrics – cushions, throws, rugs.
    The cat should be encouraged to use a scratching post/s and to leave furniture alone. We also have a log of wood propped up in case he wants the ‘outside feel’. I made a scratching post from an old table covering the legs with cord and string. A removable cushion on top for lounging and a swinging toy for entertainment. Take a look at it –
    Have fun!

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