Post two – Trip to Castleford (cough cough Bradford cough cough)


Last Sunday, my partner and I decided to go to Diggerland in Castleford…however he accidentally took a few wrong turns and we ended up in Bradford! Therefore, our plans to look at diggers were dashed and we decided to spend the afternoon ice skating at the Bradford Ice Arena as well as having a look around the National Media Museum.

ice arenaWe first headed off to the ice arena, which would have pleased my partner’s father as he is a keen ice skater. My partner, who has asked me not to name him on the internet as he doesn’t ‘trust it’, and so will be known as Jimmy in my blog, zoomed around the rink like a true professional whilst I dragged myself around by the wall in true ‘ladylike’ fashion! As the crowds on the rink started to disperse, I took a giant leap and began moving away from the wall until I confidently began skating around the arena, like a duck to water….but unfortunately this ‘Ellen duck’ was not so fortunate and ended up face down on the floor! I then went back to the side and began from step one once more. Although I am not a natural skater, it was a great experience on the ice and it was really nice to try something different, especially as York doesn’t have an Ice Arena…if anyone from City of York Council is reading this then I encourage you to build an ice rink!


After nearly two hours of skating, we then had a spot of lunch before venturing into the National Media Museum, which thankfully is only around the corner from the ice rink…perfect for someone who had a pulsing thigh!

NMMWe roamed the six floors of classic and modern technology; however it was the retro games room on the 5th floor which got our full attention. Jimmy and I were pulled towards the Sega Mega Drive and then spent the next 45 minutes going through the numerous Sonic 2 levels, we dragged ourselves away before kicking out time, but not before we had a play on the television studio vision mixer and rooftop camera…. we’re big kids at heart!

WHAT ARE YOUr favourite places to visit in bradford? i would love to hear your recommendations. SHARE THEM BELOW.

Ellen x

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