Post three – A day in my life


So last week when I was thinking of ideas of what I could write in my blog, I came across many bloggers who had written about ‘A day in my life’ and it got me thinking about all the things I do on a day to day basis, but never really think about, so let me share with you – a day in the life of Ellen.


It’s Friday 10th April and I woke up at my normal weekday time of 6.15am. I then got up, got dressed and had breakfast with Jimmy until it was time to leave to go to work. I was surprised how warm it was outside and relished the opportunity to go to work without a coat on! I then took two buses to work and then began to work!


After lunch, I went back to my work, where I am currently revamping a mobile website for one of our companies, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on this project and then at 5pm I then headed off home. On the way to the bus stop I noticed lots of daffodils blooming which was great to see. Once I was home, I then had a chat on the phone with Jimmy and then enjoyed a cup of Ribena in my hamster cup, whilst I checked my eBay.


Jimmy came around mine and made me a delicious meal – he is such a good cook! We then ate and then I picked up my things, including the hamster and headed back to Jimmy’s house for the evening. After watching Coronation Street and Eastenders (I know I need to wean myself off them), I then had a mud mask, which left my face feeling really nice and then gave Pickle some much needed attention, I then typed this blog entry up on my computer and hopefully will now head to bed!

How did you spend your Friday?


Ellen x

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