Post 90 – Pay day wish list


Pay day seems so far away and I can’t wait until it is here. Last month our washing machine broke down, we had to pay our car insurance and of course our quarterly bills needed to be paid, meaning I was left with so little money for myself (sob, sob). This month I have been incredibly frugal and have only been buying items that I really need (e.g. food). I have also been working hard to increase my earnings temporarily by eBaying and selling bits and bobs through a local Facebook selling page. I don’t seem to have made much from these pages so far, but as the Tesco advert says: ‘every little helps’.

I have so much that I would like to buy this month, but I think the looming prospect of Christmas will dash any chances of ‘Ellen treat time’. If I could have my way (which sadly I won’t) my pay day earnings will go towards this:

I want a Chinchilla!

I am incredibly fascinated with Chinchillas and so badly want one. I love the way they move, their inquisitive personalities and of course how cute they look. I know they are incredibly hard work and with a 20 year life span they are a long-term commitment, but this doesn’t faze me at all. I would really love to have one as part of mine and Jimmy’s family.


autumn 2

In September we had a large Willow tree removed from our back garden. It was incredibly big and we have heard many stories about how dangerous it is the have one near the home. I would love to buy a new tree this month so that we can have a broader range of plants in the back garden.

Telly time!


We don’t have a television at the moment and I am feeling like we’re living in the dark ages. I would love nothing more than to snuggle up at Christmas to watch a selection of Christmassy films by our lovely fire. Unfortunately getting a TV before Christmas is unlikely to happen, meaning we’ll continue living in a cave until 2016. 😛

Those boots were made for walking in

I think this year is going to be the first time in over ten years that I haven’t bought myself a new pair of boots and this makes me incredibly sad. I adore walking around town in new boots pretending to be a grown-up, but due to lack of funds I am probably going to have to skip this one until 2016 and just make use of one of my other ten billion pairs of boots… life is hard… ha! 😛

what are you looking forward to buying when its pay days? share your stories below or tweet me at @missellenjane – i would love to hear from you.

Ellen x

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Post 89 – Monthly Resolutions: November


Wowee! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 7 days and what a week it has been. I have had my fair share of ups and downs this week and hope from now things will only get better. I have enjoyed a bit more time to myself and have taken advantage of sleeping more, which has been lush!

I have been thinking hard at what challenges to set myself this month and have decided to set little tasks which are achievable and realistic.

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Post 88 – Busy Bee Monday


Have you heard of that well-known phrase: ‘Busy Bee’? Well funnily enough I am feeling like one today.

By January, I am hoping to re-launch my marketing, events and PR business, which I ran for 2 years between 2011 and 2013. I quit my freelancing to pursue permanent work, but have never really felt as fulfilled and alive as I do when I freelance. I love working on a wide range of projects, creating a mini-office to my liking as well as liaising with a broad range of organisations.

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Post 87 – My Sunday Photo

If you are a long-term reader of Ellen Writes Stuff, then you might remember a series of posts about my new obsession… gardening! When Jimmy and I moved into our property in July, the first thing I did was plant a wide range of vegetables, which I couldn’t wait to pull up.

Well it is now October, which means it is now time to pull them up (drum roll)… we have a large number of baby potatoes, chives and celery ready to be eaten! Hurray!

chive, celery and baby potates

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Post 85 – Making the most of Autumn

Over the past couple of years, autumn has slowly, but surely become my favourite season. I love the vibrant colours, wrapping up warm and not to mention enjoying plenty of hot chocolates.

If you follow Ellen Writes Stuff on Instagram, then you might have noticed that I’ve been posting plenty of autumn based piccys.

autumn 1

autumn 2

autumn 3

In my opinion, this is the perfect time of the year to get out with your loved ones and enjoy some fresh air. I know the weather is cooler, but that is no excuse to miss out on this gorgeous season. Here are my top tips of what you should do this autumn:

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Post 84 – Enjoying some downtime

Benningbrough Hall

The world is an incredibly busy place and with many of us now working longer hours it can be quite difficult to create a good work / life balance.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been enjoying some downtime and making the most of pottering around my garden, catching up in chores and watching endless amounts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes… it’s been incredibly therapeutic! This week I have been enjoying non-work commitments and have spent the majority of the time prettying up the house and doing things that I don’t usually have time to do. Let me share with you what I have been doing with my extra time:

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